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October 28, 2017
9 am - 5 pm
Main St.
Hamlet, NC

Watson King Funeral Home
Seaboard Festival  - Vendor info


Seaboard Festival Rules and Information
Saturday, October 28th, 2017
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Main Street, Hamlet, NC
Phone: (910) 557-5570 (leave message)

2017 Seaboard Festival Craft & Commercial Vendors are full.


2017 Food Vendors are full.


The Festival is sold out.


Space assigments will be mailed early October.


What type Vendor am I?

Craft Booths feature products that are made by or partially made by hand. You must make the item, decorate the item, or otherwise improve the item.  While there are many different levels of Crafters, taking a product out of a box or purchasing "hand made items" does not qualify as crafting.  If you did not Make it or Make it better, you are not eligible for a Craft space. 

If you are a new Craft Vendor, please provide photos so that we may make a proper determination regarding your craft.  For our new vendors, photos will also allow us to place you away from a similar product.  You have the option to mail or email your photos. If you are a returning Craft Vendor, you are not required to provide photo's UNLESS your product has changed.  Craft Booth applications will be reviewed immediately upon receipt.  If you provide an email address, you will be notified of your acceptance within 10 business days.

Commercial Sales Booths feature merchandise that is not hand made by the person that owns, operates or reserves the booth.  These booths sell products that are commercially made.  Any Commercial product requesting a Craft Booth space will be rejected.  Check your merchandise status carefully and ask questions if you are in doubt.  Incorrect or incomplete applications will be returned.  Commercial Sales Booths are very limited and in high demand.  Therefore, Commercial Sales applications become part of a selection lottery on September 8th, 2017.  We recommend Commercial Sales applications be postmarked before the deadline of September 1st, 2017 in order to be considered for the space selection lottery. All Commercial Sales lottery selections are final.   So that we are fair to all, past attendance does not guarantee automatic acceptance into the upcoming festival. 

Information Only Booths are reserved for civic groups, clubs, churches and non-profits that will provide information about their group or organization.  This group must be a Richmond County organization. Any sales are as part of a fundraiser only. You may not sell crafts or foods.  Information Only Booths may give out informational literature or gifts. 

In general a commercial business will NOT quality as an Information Only applicant.  Business Vendors that sell a product or service to Residential or Commercial customers are considered Commercial Vendors.  Examples of Commercial services would include but are not limited to: Construction or Home Improvement Services, Health/Fitness/Medical Related Services and Real Estate Services.

The Seaboard Festival celebrates heritage/handcrafts/cultural arts.  Craft Vendors occupy the largest majority of our vendor spaces.  Information spaces are very limited and in high demand.  Therefore, Information and Commercial applications become part of a selection lottery on September 8th, 2017.  Information Vendor applications must be postmarked before the deadline of September 1st, 2017 in order to be considered for the lottery. The Information/Commercial lottery selections are final.   So that we are fair to all, past attendance does not guarantee automatic acceptance into the current festival. 

Additional Information

The deadline for all regular applications  is Friday, September 1, 2017Applications postmarked after September 1, 2017 must include a late fee of $25. Vendor space assignments and passes will be sent out two weeks prior to the Festival.  Providing an email address will help assist in quick delivery of vendor confirmation information.  Please remember that we limit both the number and types of vendors so that there will be the possibility for a greater profit for everyone.  Craft Vendors spaces are assigned on a first come first serve basis.  Prompt return of a complete application is to your benefit. 

The Seaboard Festival sells out well in advance each year.  Do not delay in submitting your application.  Incomplete or incorrect applications will delay consideration of your application. 

The Seaboard Festival reserves the right to ask a vendor to discontinue the sale of an inappropriate item on Festival Day. 

Food Vendors.  General 15 amp electric service is available for an additional fee ($25).  Electric outlets are limited.  The request for electricity must be made at the time of application.  We NO LONGER offer 240V outlets or any other special power connections at our expense. We do not permit generators. 

Be sure that all electrical cords are heavy duty and appliances are in excellent condition.  The Seaboard Festival reserves the right to take immediate action in any situation where equipment, including electrical appliances and extension cords, appear to be sub-standard or unsafe.  The action ranges from requiring a Vendor to discontinue use of problem equipment to shutting down a Vendor's operation for the remainder of the day. No refunds will be given if this occurs. 

Water users must bring your own containers.

Please specify food and/or drinks to be sold. Application fees will be returned if any request is denied. No pre-packaged commercial food items are to be sold. Booth spaces for food sales are the same size as the craft and commercial spaces. Limit 1 microwave per space. Please post a sign: "Microwave in Use”. All food handlers must wear plastic gloves. All cooked food must be well done. PRICES MUST BE POSTED FOR THE PUBLIC!

All disposal of oils, fats, and grease associated with cooking must be disposed of in the grease barrels located at Arlo’s service station. Please ask a Festival Director for directions if you’re not familiar with that location. Food vendors emptying grease into the City’s drains or in the Porta-Johns will be billed for the cost of cleaning and/or unclogging the drains and will not be allowed to return to the festival.

  All food vendors must adhere to the current health codes. Food vendors must request an application from the Seaboard Festial Committee.

Non-profit vendors that are claiming exemption from the North Carolina regulation requiring an operational permit to prepare and sell food or drink for pay shall complete the Documentation of Exemption form. Submit the Documentation of Exemption form along with a copy of the exemption letter from the North Carolina Department of Revenue stating of non-profit status, a copy of 501c3, or a political committee as defined in the North Carolina General Statute 163-278.6(14).

Booth spaces are 16 ft wide and 12 ft deep. Vendors with trailers (total length including trailer tongue) that exceed 16 must purchase additional spaces. This also applies to those with tents or displays that exceed 16 ft x 12 ft.

  Electricity ($25/space) 110 / 15 amp service and water are available with advanced request. Those requiring more space than 2 electrical connections must have your power source pre-approved by the Festival Board. All electrical cords must be GFCI (3 prong). Photograph of the booth and all merchandise must be provided with application.

   Festival directors will be on the street at 6:00 AM to help you locate your space. They will be wearing yellow fluorescent vests and name badges. (No early setups) Booths must be set up and all vehicles off the street by 8:30 a.m. Booths must be open and attended from 9:00 am.- 5:00 pm. (no early closing). Directions for entering Main Street and the parking areas will be provided in your confirmation letter. Specific location requests will be considered, however the Festival Board reserves the right to place vendors and displays to the best interest of the Festival. If you need help, check with a Festival Director in your section. Booths must close promptly at 5:00 and the street cleared by 6:30 pm. Any vendor remaining on the street after 6:30 will be charged $100.


Must provide the festival with Certificates of Liability Insurance holding the Seaboard Festival Day, Inc., harmless in the event of an accident.



Non-profit organization $50
Commercial Vendor $100
Commercial Food $200
Non-profit with food sales $100
Rides/Amusements 20%
Craftsperson $50

 Applications received after September 1, MUST include a $25 LATE FEE or they will be returned unaccepted.
Assignments and Confirmations will be mailed by October 1, 2017 Mail applications to:

Seaboard Festival Committee  P.O. Box 132  Hamlet, NC  28345.


Raffles, Games of Chance, 50/50’s, stink bombs, knives, marshmallow guns, projectile items, poppers, play cigarettes, silly string, skateboards/inline skates, scooters, bicycles, hoverboards. No alcoholic beverages. No animals of any kind may be brought by the public or vendors(except service dogs).  Microphones will not be used except on stages by festival entertainers.


If you have additional questions, please contact the Seaboard Festival Committee at or (910) 557-5570 (leave message).


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